The Car

Ligier JS P3 Le Mans Prototype. Ligier’s are high performance race cars, based on the same principles as Formula One cars, they are high speed with extreme down force with slick tyres with a single seat.

The cost-capped championship has six approved manufacturers to build chassis with all cars having identical Nissan V8 engines providing 420 bhp, which need to last for 10,000km without maintenance, and X-Trac gearboxes.

LMP3 Cup – The road to Le Mans…..

The cup pushes driver development and has been coined ‘the road to Le Mans’. The Championship categories drivers in four pairings – Silver/Silver+, Silver/Silver, Silver/Bronze, and Bronze/Bronze. The pairings assist a growing demand for talented single-seater drivers looking to transit into endurance prototype racing. The cup allows different drivers from different backgrounds to compete alongside each other or indeed for solo drivers to compete. Only Silver/Bronze and Bronze/Bronze driver pairings are eligible for next year’s Michelin Road to Le Mans.